Thermal 2012, Week 2

Another beautiful week down at Thermal with Emma Tyrrell and Rebecca Fahrendorf. We were all able to catch up on some rest on the Monday between shows…and Emma caught up on her homework:)

Emma started out the week getting a FOURTH in the M & S Medal, out of over 20 riders…super ride. Emma has such a great work ethic and at the beginning of the week was able to do some catch riding, fun! She spent a lot of time studying the different rings and continuing to develop her relationship with her new horse…such a nice team they are!

Becca had a super week with her ponies! She started it out by winning the Farnam Medal…awesome work-off! Becca received several ribbons this week and ended the week with her favorite ride…FIFTH on Felicity in the AA Hunter Classic…a super competitive class and a great ride by Becca!

We all had such a fun couple of weeks playing with our horses:). Emma and I drove 10 hours home on Monday. Emma makes a great co-pilot!

Congrats Becca and Emma!!!

“Professional Pop Quiz” for Horse & Style Magazine

Horse & Style: How do you keep your program fresh in the long/rainy winter months?

Kelly Maddox: Three things come to mind during the winter months: exercises, goal setting and clinics.

Winter is a great time to get back to focusing on fun challenging exercises in the arena. It’s not about jumping big jumps, as our horses are ready for a break, so, setting lots of poles and exercises that incorporate various transitions along with small jumps helps us work on our position and the flexibility of our horses.

Secondly, it is time to get excited about the show year to come…goal setting! I plan meetings with my juniors and their parents to review the next years goals…short and long term. The juniors have a packet to fill out to help them prepare for a productive meeting. This is also a great time to sit with parents, answer questions and develop a strategy to help the riders achieve their individual goals.

Lastly, it is always fun and inspiring to have or attend a few clinics. Luckily, this year, several of my riders were drawn to attend the NorCal Sponsored Stacia Madden clinic. Stacia had a great teaching style which all my riders thoroughly enjoyed. In addition, we had Connie Buckley come to our facility and give a Judges Clinic. We had a large group attend this clinic, from riders to parents to spouses. Everyone came home with a different perspective of the show ring and a better understanding of what a judge is looking for in the hunter, equitation and under saddle rings.

In the end, winter seems to come and go quickly and I can confidently say that we are ready for 2012! Good luck to all!!!