SVT Schooling Show, April 2012


SVT Horse Show Update

We all had a great day at the SVT horse show this past Sunday. It was a very busy day, but thanks to Alison and Alexis it made everything run much smoother. We had some first timers showing at this horse show. Everyone rode fantastic, I see a bunch of rising stars in the near future.

Kate and Jewels were looking amazing. This was Kate’s second show riding in the lead line division. Kate received many wonderful ribbons and lots of home made horse cookies.

Chloe and Cocoa were also in the lead line division. This was Chloe’s first horse. Chloe WON her equitation flat class. Way to go Chloe!

Emilia and Lizzy also rode in the lead line division. This was also was Emilia’s first horse show. Emilia got a FIFTH in the Equitation over poles and couldn’t have been more excited!

Emily and Lizzy unfortunately missed the pile of poles classes, but rode in the walk, trot, canter classes instead. All though the classes didn’t actually canter, Emily still ended up WINNING all of her classes. Way to go Emily!

Ally and Belle looked great! Riding in the 2′ division, Ally and Belle were Reserve Champion. I think Ally is ready for some rated shows.

Sierra and Goose rode in the 2’6-2’9 division. This was their first horse show together. I could tell Sierra has been working hard at building a relationship with Goose. Sierra WON her Equitation flat class.

I’m excited for the next KMT schooling show on June 17, located in Walnut Creek. If you are interested in showing at this horse show, you can sign up on the horse show board at the barn.

See ya at the barn!



Horse and Hound Horse Show, 2012


Happy Mothers Day at the Horse and Hound Horse Show!

We had a great week, lovely weather and super horses!!!

Emma Tyrrell and Palladium’s name on the big board for the USET…fun! Emma started her week out by WINNING both 3’6 Performance Hunters…nice! Emma continued her week on fire…WINNING the CPHA and SECOND in the WCE…awesome week!!!

Abby Pratt and Mr.Bingley were looking adorable, as usual! This team is really becoming very consistent. The highlight was her SECOND in the Outreach Hunter Classic…yeah! Abby also brought home several SECONDS, THIRDS and FOURTHS from her divisions…great work Abby…and yes, I think Waffle reads minds;-)

Amanda Rael and Almost Famous looked beautiful, as they always do! Amanda has become our barns ‘personal shopper’ for our KMT riders…such a good shopper! Polly started out her week in the 1st Years..WINNING a class and two SECONDS…nice! Amanda looked beautiful in the Hunter Derby and was just out of the ribbons. Amanda looked great in the AO’s…coming home with two SECONDS…nice riding!

Emily Johnson and Tapatio are so much fun to watch…love them! Highlight…WINNING the Outreach Equitation Classic…a super way to end a successful week! This team received great ribbons all week…SECONDS, THIRDS and a couple FOURTHS…rock’n it! Tio also started his week out RESERVE CHAMPION in the Training Hunters…such a good boy! Congrats Em!

Mickey Krinsky and Allegiance always looking good…they had a great week too! They WON one of their Low Adult classes and were SECOND in the other…nice! They also received several ribbons in the AA Hunter Division…great riding Mickey!!!


Erika Carlson and Zendaya, sadly, couldn’t show because of a minor accident and some stitches. Zen will be just fine and back to full work in a week…maybe we will see her at the Beach Party!!!

Cheers to all on a very successful week!









Woodside Spring Classic, April 2012


What a fantastic week! I don’t even know where to start, but the picture above really sums it up…SUCCESS!!!

Emma Tyrrell and Palladium were awesome this week! They started out the week WINNING the WCE Medal out of 15 riders…first time over the water jump! I loved watching this ride. Not only did Emma win the WCE, but she went on to get a SECOND in the USEF Medal and a FOURTH in the Maclay. You two made me proud this week:-)

Abby Pratt and Mr. Bingley had a fantastic show too! This was Abby and Waffle’s first show out this year…and they rocked it! Abby started the week out by WINNING her Eq on the flat with 20 riders in the class…WOW! After that, they were RESERVE CHAMPION in their Eq Division…love it:-) Abby, congrats on a great show!!!

On to Alexis Cristiano and Regalmann…where do I begin? CHAMPION in the Modified Junior Hunters…WINNING two of the classes! SECOND in the Children’s Hunter Classic…fun! AND…a great score, and just out of the ribbons, in the Hunter Derby with 50 riders…super ride!!!

Lexi Pandell and HiJinx were so fast in the jumper ring that Sally told me, “I can’t get any pictures cause he goes too fast”. That cracked me up, but was so true! They were not only CHAMPION once, but we’re CHAMPION again over the weekend. This was Lexi’s first show since she was in High School (she is now in grad school)…nice riding Lex!!!

Mickey Krinsky and Allegiance looked amazing this week too. I have to say, these were the best rides I have seen from Mickey…so smooth! And I always love it when a rider tells me, “that felt so good…I am so happy with her (Allie). Mickey, you rock!