KMT Play Day, August 2012

On Saturday, August 4th, KMT hosted their 2nd Annual Play Day & Potluck. Riders gathered to spend an afternoon of playing games on horseback and demonstrating their riding skills for parents and friends. Their skills were tested during a speed round of the Keyhole Race and Barrel Racing. The horses were a blur as they flew around the ring! Next it was time to hang on tight for the Bareback Equitation and Ride-A-Buck classes. Our riders had awesome positions, and Catie Carlson went home the winner of the Ride-A-Buck jackpot. Congratulations!

Our biggest class, Egg & Spoon, was a great test of balance for our riders, and they accomplished it with ease! We had to test them at the trot before they lost their prized egg. Great job everyone!

The afternoon ended with our Under Saddle Class for the human children, and they looked great prancing around the ring. Such fancy horses they were! It was a very difficult class to judge and everyone went home with a prize.

I would like to thank all our fabulous participants who helped make it a great afternoon: Michelle Brook, Charlotte Woo, Emily Heinrich, Elisabeth Delpouys, Jenna DeLisle, Catie Carlson, Ava Tosetti. And, to our helpers, Alexis, Sierra, Abby- you girls rock! A big THANK YOU to parents too for bringing such delicious snacks for our potluck!!

Class 1 – Keyhole Race (Canter)
1st – Michelle Brook – Joe
2nd – Charlotte Woo – Mona
3rd – Emily Heinrich – Belle
Class 2 – Keyhole Race (Trot)
1st – Jenna DeLisle – Lizzy
2nd – Catie Carlson – Belle
3rd – Ava Tosetti – Jewels
Class 3 – Barrel Racing (Canter)
1st – Michelle Brook – Joe
2nd – Charlotte Woo – Mona
3rd – Emily Heinrich – Belle
Class 4 – Barrel Racing (Trot)
1st – Catie Carlson – Belle
2nd – Ava Tosetti – Jewels
3rd – Elisabeth Delpouys – Cupcake
Class 5 – Bareback Equitation
1st – Emily Heinrich – Belle
2nd – Jenna DeLisle – Lizzy
Class 6 – Ride-A-Buck
1st – Catie Carlson – Belle
2nd – Jenna DeLisle – Mona
3rd – Emily Heinrich – Lizzy
Class 7 – Egg & Spoon
1st – Charlotte Woo – Mona
2nd – Jenna DeLisle – Cocoa
3rd – Elisabeth Delpouys – Cupcake
Class 8 – Kids Afoot – Under Saddle Class
Everybody was a winner!!!









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  1. Kieran Dulik

     /  August 7, 2012

    What excellent fun!! Wooo Hooo!! Looks like everyone had a blast!!

  2. Alison

     /  August 10, 2012

    Fun times!!!


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