Strides & Tides, September 2012

We are coming to the end of our show year…such a fun year! Team KMT always represents well with great riding, true sportsmanship and love for their horses. Team KMT rocks!

Abby Pratt and Mr.Bingley looked AWESOME this week…and so ready to move up to the 3′ Ring next year…yippeeee!!! This super duo was not only CHAMPION in her Hunter Division, but CHAMPION in her Equitation Division too…out of 22 riders! Congrats Abby on another super successful show!!!

Alexis Cristiano and Stoneridge had their second show together…and they are really coming together nicely! Baby Lewis is growing up and looking beautiful…so fun to watch! This team had some great rides and came home with a lovely RESERVE CHAMPION ribbon in their Hunter Division…nice!!! Nice riding Alexis:-)

Emma Tyrrell and Palladium looked beautiful, as usual…I love this pair!!! My highlight at this show was watching Emma in the CPHA…such a beautiful ride…SECOND out of 30 riders…WOW!!! Emma also qualified and rode in the Hudson & Co Finals…and I have to say, Emma IS RIDING GREAT! Emma and Jerry had an unlucky spook at a roll top in the first round and a rail in the second…but I still have to say…this team looks fantastic!!!

Thanks for your help Catie!!!

Handsome Baby Lewis and Alexis:-)

Catie and her baby

Our barn models, Alexis and Abby:-)

Tired riders…

Tired horsey


What a team!

So pretty!!!

A fantastic show…congrats to all!!!

KMT TRI-Valley Classic, September 2012

Thank you Kelly and Alison for another wonderful and successful show. The weather in Walnut Creek was perfect, with the sun shining and a cool breeze blowing. Thank you Emma, Alexis and Lexi for all of your help. You all make things easier for me.

Elisabeth and Cupcake were too cute trotting around the walk/trot poles division. Elisabeth looked so confident and Cupcake looked content. This was a large division and there was some tough competition. Elisabeth came home with some great ribbons.

Hallie and Mona also competed in the walk/trot poles division. This pair looked sharp reviewing many great ribbons and coming home Reserve Champion. Way to go Hallie and Mona!

Emily and Belle did great in the X-Rail division. This division was so big it was split into two groups for the flat classes. Emily does such a great job on Belle, getting her around the courses. Emily also came home with many great ribbons.

Jessica and Mona also competed in the X-Rail division. Watch out for this pair, they looked fabulous! Jessica’s roll back turns we’re immaculate giving her a second in the Equitation over fences.

Charlotte and Sunshine could not have looked better, with this pair only getting to know each other just over a week. Charlotte and Sunshine were in the X-Rail division as well and ended up winning the medal class. I can’t wait to see this team grow together.

I can’t wait until the next KMT Tri-Valley classic on October 7.

Amanda D.