2013 IEA Fieldstone/Elvenstar Shows

What a fantastic weekend Team KMT had at the IEA Shows Fieldstone and Elvenstar down south. We arrived late Friday night after a short flight from Oakland to Burbank. I wanted to get to bed early knowing that the next couple of days were going to be early risers. The hospitality of both facilities was exceptional, the horses and riding were all great and the weather couldn’t have been nicer. A huge thank you to our team moms, Emmelie and Sally for making this trip run so smooth and being there for ALL of us. It is such a pleasure having you two at the IEA shows.

Alexis always seems to draw the large more difficult horse. But she never fails with flawless rounds, making the difficult horse look easy. I giggled a little when her flat class was asked to drop their irons for the entire second direction. I know how much Alexis enjoys riding without irons. Alexis was THIRD over fences at both Fieldstone and Elvenstar.

Sierra pulled the same horse for both her jumping and flat class at Fieldstone. This is an advantage when you already know your horse. Sierra WON her over fences class and was THIRD on the flat at Fieldstone. At Elvenstar, Sierra was SIXTH over fences and FOURTH on the flat. Way to go Sierra.

Abby was anticipating her draw of the ex-pony jumper, but handled it with ease, making the ex-jumper look like a hunter. She was FIFTH over fences and FOURTH on the flat at Fieldstone. At Elvenstar Abby pulled another pony favorite, Socks, coming home with a SIXTH over fences and FOURTH on the flat.

Charlotte has come so far with her show experience, knowing it’s not always about the ribbon, but the experience of it all. She drew a couple of more challenging little horses and came home with a SIXTH over fences at Elvenstar.

Nell was a trooper waiting around all day for her one class. She fell in love with a little morgan named Chex, the horse she drew at Fieldstone. This was Nell’s first IEA show and her second horse show all together. She came home with a SECOND at Fieldstone and a FOURTH at Elvenstar.

I was so proud of all of our riders staying so positive all weekend. I had a ton of fun and can’t wait for the next IEA show at Whiterock Ranch on Sunday, February 24.


Amanda de la Rosa