Woodside Horse Show: June 2013

Another successful show and some fantastic weather makes for a great week at Woodside! Thank you Sally Cristiano for taking such amazing photos and for being such an awesome barn Mom!!!

Olivia Hill and Sensation were so fun to watch at this show! Olivia WON two classes and was RESERVE CHAMPION, not only in the Open 1.10m Jumpers, but also in the AA Jumpers…WOW, great show Olivia!!!

Sierra Hoadley and Vodka Orange also keep rocking the jumper ring…WINNING a class and a couple SECONDS! Sierra also moved up to the 3’3 Medals at this show…jumping to the next level:-) They were FOURTH and received a couple SEVENTHS…nice riding!!!

Alexis Cristaino and Stoneridge had a great show too! Alexis rode in a tough Modified Hunter Division and was THIRD, FOURTH and SIXTH! They also played in the competitive Children’s Hunter Division…SECOND and FOURTH in the Classic…whoop whoop!

Abby Pratt and Silhouette looked great out there learning the ropes in the 3′ ring! Fab Abb WON an Eq class and got great ribbons in the Childrens Hunters…THIRDS and FOURTHS…nice job Abby!!!

It was so great to see Mickey Krinsky and Allegiance back showing…loved it!!! The highlight of their week…CHAMPION in the Equitation! Mickey looked so surprised, but I thought they looked great!!! Congrats Mickey:-)

WOW…yep, that’s all I have to say here:-) Erika Carlson and Zendaya rocked her second show…yes, her second show over fences and she looked like a PRO in the GP arena. Erika was THIRD in the 1.0m Jumpers and Zen was also SECOND…out of 20 riders. That horse can JUMP!!!

Such great juniors we have!

I think Sensei has wings:-)


Had a blast on Zen!

Handsome Lulu

Can that smile get any bigger?

Some Derby fun…Layla ended FIFTH


Love’n the jumpers!

And baby Albert played too

Wouldn’t be Woodside without PIZZA CHICAGO!!!

Catie grew wings…hmmm?

Such a fun show with great riders and horses! Congrats to everyone!!!
Team KMT

Beach Party Horse Show: June 2013

I don’t even know where to start…such an awesome show! Amanda Rael and her team created a Beach Party Barn theme that rocked the show! And even though temps hit 113…our riders showed on and our horses were happy. There was lots of bathing and Brookside had plenty of shade and green grass to graze on…loved it!!! This show had about 300 horses and the days were long, but we all had a blast.
So…on to the results!

Kiera Hennigan and her new horse, Waffle had a fantastic show! They were EIGHTH in the Bitsy Shields 3-Phase Classic…out of 30 riders! On top of that…they were CHAMPION in the Short Stirrup Division…great show for their 1st rated show together:-). CONGRATS!!!

Kelly Edwards and Skye showed for the first time in 30 years! Welcome back and CONGRATS on ending CHAMPION and WINNING two classes in your Long Stirrup Division…yippeeee!!!

Neal Nixon and Sunny got a big gulp of water and are always a blast to watch! These two have so much fun together…and it shows! They were RESERVE CHAMPION in the Long Stirrups…LOVE IT!

Jodi Steel and Carlos had their first show together…and WOW, they are quick learners…and I never thought Carlos could move and turn so fast! Yep, looking awesome in the jumper ring…RESERVE CHAMPION and QUALIFIED for the Cloverleaf Medal…nice riding!!!

Amanda Rael and Polly looked amazing this week! They did the Derby and Amanda rode the best I have ever seen her ride…just had an unlucky rail, but I gave them a 90! Amanda’s runner-up highlight was most definitely the Palm Tree Eqitation…they were SECOND out of 30 riders. This 3 Phase Classic was tough! Congrats Amanda!!!

Chris Herauf and her new horse, Chance, are quite a pretty team! This was Chris’s first show in a long while and I loved watching them together! Chance started his week out CHAMPION and WINNING a hack class with 25 horses! Chris followed up the week by coming in SECOND and FOURTH in the Low Child/Adult Hunters…and to top it off, SIXTH in the Flamingo Equitation Classic (30 riders), with an 85 score on the flat portion, WOW! A great week Chris:-)

Emily Johnson and Tapatio had their second show in the 3′ ring…a tough division! Tio started out the week RESERVE CHAMPION in the Performance Hunters, WINNING a class…and was SIXTH in the Hunter Derby with an 84 score…love that horse! Emily worked hard this week and QUALIFIED for the Horse & Hound Medal Finals…yeah!!!

Erika Carlson and Zen were AWESOME! If you can believe it, this is Zen’s first show over fences and they looked fantastic! They started out in the .90’s/.95’s and ended the week in the 1.0m’s in the big ring! Look at that jump…LOVE IT!!!

Such a pretty barn!

Thank you Amanda!!!

Haha…love this!

Zen and Erika finding some shade:-)

A little bit of schooling…Carlos and Jodi


Zen is studying her course.

That’s a long ways down…

Loved the flowers!

Lots of time for grazing…

Even Yovanni got in the party spirit!

Fun times:-)

Thank you Connie for all your help and support!!!

Yep, that’s me all crazy…I think it was from the heat!

Wouldn’t be a Beach Party without Mai Tai’s…

…or a cold beer!

Thank you to everyone that supported us, cheered us on and provided us with cold water! This was a super successful show and so much fun!
Team KMT rocks!!!