SVT Schooling Show: October 2013

What a frightfully blustery day it was at the SVT Halloween show. I was half expecting to see Heffalumps and Woozles go flying by, and Brrrrr!!!! Did the Abominable Snow Monster make an appearance, because it sure felt like we were dropped up at the North Pole that day. Despite having the odd number of riders showing, lucky “13”, Team KMT made a tremendous showing at the final schooling show of the season!

Gracie Hong and Honeymoon made their debut in the show ring doing the W/T Poles Division. An excellent day for them both, they came home CHAMPION!

Leif Tueber and Chloe Pedina, both sharing Cupcake, made wonderful strides forward in the W/T Poles Division. They remembered their courses and showed great independence, AND came home with some great ribbons!

The Crossrail Division boasted six KMT riders. Wow! Lacey Cooke also made her debut into the show ring riding Joe and she looked fabulous. All the hard work in her lessons really paid off. Each course was better and better!

Nell Cook showed for the first time on Pepper and the pair looked amazing. Again, their hard work in lessons is really showing through, even WINNING a class!

Alexa Cango rode to victory and came away with her first BLUE ribbon this time out. Yeah!

Isabel Lopes rode Amour with confidence, Catie Carlson looked calm and cool on Belle and Aya Clear settled a slightly-fresh Penny beautifully. Ribbons were had by all! Congratulations riders!

The BIG EXCITEMENT of the day was the Costume Class. What could be more fun than decorating yourself AND your horse. There were so many fantastically fun costumes this year, everyone showed such great creativity!

Kiera Hennigan started the day off and came home with too many BLUES to count…nice riding!

Aya Clear also started her day off early in the Main Hunter ring. Aya is riding great! I was most impressed with her focus on all the things we have been working on…love that!

Rouie Shue Thibodeau finished up the day with the 3’0 jumpers looking poised and polished. This team makes me (Kelly) proud as they now work together in control…’smooth and steady!’ Awesome!!!

Here are some fun pics…






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  1. John and Toni Maddox

     /  November 1, 2013

    Congrats to each rider!! Looked like a fun show!! Great pics, Kelly!! 🙂


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