2014: Beach Party Horse Show

I love horse shows when it feels like all the riders are moving forward! Even though the weather was hot…we had a fantastic time!!! Here is your update…

Aya Clear and Panzer had an awesome week! This team has stepped into the 3′ ring with flair! They were RESERVE CHAMPION in the Modified Child Hunters AND in the Children’s Hunters. And, to top off their week…they came home SECOND in the Onondarka Medal…QUALIFIED FOR FINALS! Great week Aya!!!

Kaitlyn Jenkins and Saffier also had a fabulous show!!! Kaitlyn has been working so hard and it’s paying off…SECOND in the Flamingo 3-phase Equitation Classic out of 28 riders! Kaitlyn also rode in a tough hunter division getting ribbons out of 25 riders…along with a SECOND in the Eq Flat. A super week Kaitlyn…I’m so proud of you!!!

Matilda Hallowell and Barneta also had a great week! This was Matilda’s 1st show in awhile…and she looked beautiful:-) This team was RESERVE CHAMPION in the CWD Eq Championship…awesome! On top of that, they were SEVENTH in the 3-phase Flamingo Classic! Matilda…great riding and sportsmanship:-)

Zoe Marshall and Shamus were looking good this week as well! They both got GREAT RIBBONS in just about every class…very consistent! Nice riding Zoe!!!

Emily Johnson and Tapatio represented our amateur side of the team…and they looked awesome this week. I have to send out a huge thanks to Erika Carlson, our barn sports psychologist…Emily was focused and ‘in the ring’ the whole week! One of my favorite rides of the week was so fun to watch…a WINNER…IF, we jumped the right first jump:-) Emily got great ribbons and her hard work is paying off!!! A fun week Emily:-)

Thanks Vanessa for the amazing braids!!!

Staying cool…

Nice loot!


BFF’s forever!

Hard work DOES pay off:-)

Onondarka here we come…whoop whoop!!!

Awesome week Team KMT!!!!