2014: Strides & Tides/SHP Finale

Strides 1

What a fantastic couple of weeks we had up in Sonoma!  2 weeks of fun in the sun, Championships and teamwork…loved it!!!  Let’s get on to the highlights:

Strides 14
Alexis Cristiano and Stoneridge had their debut in the Junior Hunters…it was awesome!!!  Alexis has worked very hard with this young horse and the hard work and patience has paid off.  They came home with FOUR BLUESRESERVE CHAMPION in the Junior Modified Hunters and CHAMPION in the Junior Hunters…WOW!  Great week Alexis:-)

Strides 8
Aya Clear and Panzer rocked the show too!!!  This awesome little duo looked amazing in the 11 & Under NorCal Equitation Classic…yep, CHAMPIONS!  They came home with a plethora of BLUES, REDS and YELLOWS…I couldn’t keep track!!!  Great couple of weeks Aya!

Clementine Kidson and Lola were roll’n in the BLUES in the Short Stirrups…loved it!  The also came home CHAMPION…YIPPEE!!!  Nice riding on this young pony Clem!

Strides 5
Rouie Shue and Winslow…I was so proud of you two!  Rouie rides in some a tough Children’s Jumper Division…and they looked amazing!  The highlight was a FOURTH in the $1500 Children’s Jumper Classic…loved that ride and I know you did too:-)

Strides 10
Kiera Hennigan and Chivas also had a fabulous week!  They WON the Horse & Hound Medal…heading to Medal Finals…yeah!  They were also THIRD in the NorCal Medal…qualifying for that Medal Final…going there too!  FOURTH in the NorCal Equitation Classic…and in the Junior Hunters, a BLUE, RED and YELLOW…nice riding Kiera!!!

Strides 12
Abby Pratt and L’Ondine were looking good in Sonoma!  They placed in just about every class they road in…with a rainbow of colors to bring home…nice riding!  SECONDS, THIRDS and a SEVENTH in the NorCal Equitation Classic…NICE!!!

Frances Park-Steskal and Prime Time cruised around the Cross-Rails in week 2…and yep, they finished the week out RESERVE CHAMPION…yipppeee!  Way to finish off our weeks Frances:-)

Strides 2
Kaitlyn Jenkins and Saffier had a lovely week too.  Fire was a little on the frisky side…love’n those evening classes!!!  The two did come home with some nice colors…a RED, YELLOW and a SEVENTH.  Kaitlyn, you did a great job keeping Fire’s head in the game…nice!

Zoe Marshall and No Shame had a challenging week, to say the least.  I think we spent more time going back and forth to the farrier than actually showing.  BUT, what I love about Zoe, is her great attitude…we try and try again…and if it doesn’t work…WE TRY AGAIN!  Zoe, you rock!!!

Taylor Beasley and Miss Holly had their last show together.  Taylor is ready to “Jump to the Next Level”…and we are working on that by finding the perfect horse.  Taylor had a nice show with Holly and got several ribbons in the Equitation Division….and a SIXTH in the CPHA Medal…nice riding T!

Strides 15
Gracie Hong and her little Honeymoon!  These two are so cute, but yep, I think you have outgrown your little Honey-Pie…time for a larger model, LOL!  Gracie just got better and better this week and came home with some COLORFUL RIBBONS.  Gracie…I look forward to seeing you move up!!!

Strides 3

Super star Panzer…love him!  And Aya, your pretty awesome too!

Strides 4

Love’n the Team Support!!!

Strides 16

Pony love…

Strides 13

Please trot…please trot…oh come on, TROT PLEASE!!!

Strides 9

A kid and her horse…nothing better:-)

Strides 6

I think those are tears in my eyes…so proud!

What a fantastic couple of weeks.  A BIG THANK YOU to Jillian Riese for all your help riding and coaching…you are the bomb:-)  And, thanks to all the supporters…Chris Herauf, Emily Johnson and all the parents that stand by their young riders side (or in the bleachers).  We have such a great team and I am always so proud of our riders and how they support each and everyone.

Thank you and congrats to all!!!

Team KMT

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  1. Kieran Dulik

     /  September 24, 2014

    Wooo Hooooo!!! What a great couple of weeks!! Love all the pictures!! Keep up the good work everyone!! Congrats!!


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