2014: Fall Finale & NorCal Finals @ Brookside

It was a fun and productive two weeks in Brookside! First time Medal Finalers learned lots…hard work and patience. I’m so proud of all my riders over the past 2 weeks:-)

Aya Clear had two rides over two weeks, Steel the Crowd and Panzer. Aya has grown so much as a rider and is becoming a great horse person. Aya and Team Monty came home CHAMPION one week and RESERVE CHAMPION the next week in the Pony Hunters…AND they were RESERVE CHAMPION in the Pony Hunter Derby! Aya and Team Panzer keep growing and learning the ropes in the 3′ Ring…keep an eye on this duo!!! They received ribbons in all the Children’s Hunters and SECOND in the Onondarka…Finals, here we come! Great job Aya!!!

Kiera Hennigan and Chivas QUALIFIED for 3 Medal Finals over the 2 weeks…what an ACCOMPLISHMENT! The highlight was their FOURTH place finish in the Zone 10 Finals…nice riding! Kiera did a great job riding in her first Medal Finals. We are now prepping for Onondarka Finals…GOOD LUCK!!!

Rouie Shue and Winslow are always so much fun to watch! A great student and one that truly enjoys the process of riding…love that!!! Rouie and Team Winslow were FOURTH in the WCE, WON a 1.0m class and were SECOND & FIFTH in the Children’s Jumpers…awesome riding!!!

Last, but definitely not least…Lexi Pandell and Hijinx rocked jumper land! It’s been some time since they have roared around jumper land, but it was like they never missed a beat. This team was DOUBLE CHAMPION!!! Wow…such an amazing week Lexi!!!

Into the dark we showed…

Love it when family visits…

Hmmm…some nice prizes…

Woo Hoo!!!

A little photo art…



Love’n some DERBY action…

Thank you Ariat for my Monaco’s, shirts and breeches…

Fun times…

Nice position…

Such a great couple of weeks with a fun group of riders, family and friends! We are off to Onondarka Finals in a couple weeks…SO EXCITING!!!

Thank you all!

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  1. Toni & John Maddox

     /  October 17, 2014

    Great Blog, Kelly!! Wonderful Show!! Congratulations to all your KMT Riders!!

  2. Toni & John Maddox

     /  October 17, 2014

    Wonderful blog, Kelly!! Great pics!! Congratulations to all of your KMT Riders!!


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