Skye Valley Show – October, 28 2012

What an AMAZING way to finish up the show season for our Kelly Maddox Riding Academy students. Students, Nell Cook, Kate Lafayette, Emilia Vegas, and Elisabeth Delpouys had a great day at the Skye Valley Show on Sunday, October 28, 2012. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, and the riders and horses looked great!

Emilia rode extremely well in the Periwinkle Walk/Trot division. Emilia, riding dear, sweet Lizzy, accomplished a goal and won her first BLUE ribbon to date. Then, in her next class, received a second BLUE ribbon! An excellent day for her, congratulations!

Kate, riding our lovely Jewels, demonstrated excellent riding skills and confidence in all her classes. She also had a very successful show day in the ring and came home with a TOP RIBBON in every class. You’re looking great Kate! Keep up the good work.

Nell, aboard Mona, made her debut into the show ring on Sunday, and did she ever look amazing! She rode in the Aquamarine division to get her feet wet in the world of showing. Nell was poised, utilized her riding skills perfectly and had an amazingly successful day. It was a clean sweep for her! Nell WON EVERY CLASS! All that hard work in your lessons has been paying off Nell, great job!

To finish out the day, Elisabeth, and dear sweet Cupcake, strutted their stuff in the costume class. Their costume was a devilish mix of good and bad! It was a very clever outfit Elisabeth, love your creativity!

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Emma for helping me out in the morning with the horses and riders! Congratulations again to all our riders! Here’s looking forward to what next year brings. 🙂

Happy Showing!

NorCal Medal Finals Show, October 2012

What a fantastic week in Sacramento we had! Sorry this update is a bit late, but better late then never. This was our last NorCal show this year, but we are already planning for next year…yeah!!!

Abby Pratt and Mr.Bingley had a rock’n week! Not only were they CHAMPION in the Low Child Hunters, but they were CHAMPION in the Low Child Equitation…Wow! Abby is so ready to move into the 3′ ring!!! Congrats Abbs!

Amanda Rael and Almost Famous looked beautiful this week. Such beautiful rides made this team CHAMPION! What a great year for you both…and a big thanks to Amanda for being the ‘Barn Designer’…THANK YOU!

Emma Tyrrell and Palladium also had a fun week riding in the NorCal Medal Finals…congrats on qualifying…and really nice riding during the finals! There was a huge group in the finals. Emma’s second round was beautiful…coming home SEVENTH! I also think Emm was having a great time in the Junior Hunters…lots of SECONDS and THIRDS🙂 I think Jerry liked the hunters too…and he is really learning how to jog appropriately;-)

Alexis Cristiano and Stoneridge are really coming together and looking fantastic! It is really fun to watch them work together. Alexis played in the Children’s Hunters…a big division here. They got great ribbons and looked awesome. Baby Lewis is growing up and Alexis is doing a super job showing him the way!

Emily Johnson and Tapatio were looking really good this week…love this team! They had an amazing week…CHAMPION in the Low AA Hunters. They are definitely ready to ‘jump to the next level’…congrats Em!!!

Love Amanda!

Super Team:-)

So pretty!

Emily and TT

Working on our serious modeling poses:-)

Happy campers!

Look at those cute dapples

Lots of grass for the horses = happy horses

Thank you and congrats to all on a great year!!!

KMT Medal Finals, October 2012

What a great show Team KMT had. Our riders all rode great. Thanks to Lexi for being my assistant for the day and of course a HUGE thanks to Emma and Alexis for schooling all the wild ponies.

Elisabeth and Cupcake are building such a great relationship. Elisabeth rode so well and keeps learning at each show. Elisabeth was the year end pile of poles RESERVE CHAMPION.

Catie and Lizzy made such a great team. They were looking sharp and have come a long way. Catie came home with some GREAT RIBBONS.

Nadia and Belle did a great job in the walk trot poles. Nadia received a FIRST in the under saddle class out of twelve horses. What an accomplishment!

Jenna and Mona looked great in the poles as well. Even though Mona was feeling great and very energetic, Jenna rode fantastic, coming home with MANY RIBBONS!

Isabel and Cocoa were at their first show together. Isabel was a bit nervous, but held it together and finished the day with a COUPLE OF FOURTHS!

Jessica and Belle were RESERVE CHAMPION in the KMT medal class and absolutely loved the victory gallop. Woo Hoo!

Emily and Lizzy did a great job in the X-Rail Division. Emily came home with a couple of THIRDS AND FIFTHS. Way to go Emily!

Charlotte and Sunshine were CHAMPION of the X-Rail KMT Medal Class and also year end CHAMPION of the X-Rail Division. Way to go Charlotte! I can’t wait to see you show next year.

Neal and Sunshine started their day a few steps behind, but ended up THIRD in the 2’3 KMT Medal Final and year end RESERVE CHAMPION!

The ribbons and sashes were so pretty!

Alison is organizing the awards…nice:-)

Tommy and Lesley setting up the office…thanks!

Thank you to County Saddlery for sponsoring!

Alison and Kelly starting the day:-)

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Medal Finals Prizes were AWESOME!!!

Sunny looks as happy as his Mom’s!

What a great way to end the year. I can’t wait for next year.

Amanda de la Rosa

Go Team KMT!

Strides & Tides, September 2012

We are coming to the end of our show year…such a fun year! Team KMT always represents well with great riding, true sportsmanship and love for their horses. Team KMT rocks!

Abby Pratt and Mr.Bingley looked AWESOME this week…and so ready to move up to the 3′ Ring next year…yippeeee!!! This super duo was not only CHAMPION in her Hunter Division, but CHAMPION in her Equitation Division too…out of 22 riders! Congrats Abby on another super successful show!!!

Alexis Cristiano and Stoneridge had their second show together…and they are really coming together nicely! Baby Lewis is growing up and looking beautiful…so fun to watch! This team had some great rides and came home with a lovely RESERVE CHAMPION ribbon in their Hunter Division…nice!!! Nice riding Alexis:-)

Emma Tyrrell and Palladium looked beautiful, as usual…I love this pair!!! My highlight at this show was watching Emma in the CPHA…such a beautiful ride…SECOND out of 30 riders…WOW!!! Emma also qualified and rode in the Hudson & Co Finals…and I have to say, Emma IS RIDING GREAT! Emma and Jerry had an unlucky spook at a roll top in the first round and a rail in the second…but I still have to say…this team looks fantastic!!!

Thanks for your help Catie!!!

Handsome Baby Lewis and Alexis:-)

Catie and her baby

Our barn models, Alexis and Abby:-)

Tired riders…

Tired horsey


What a team!

So pretty!!!

A fantastic show…congrats to all!!!

KMT TRI-Valley Classic, September 2012

Thank you Kelly and Alison for another wonderful and successful show. The weather in Walnut Creek was perfect, with the sun shining and a cool breeze blowing. Thank you Emma, Alexis and Lexi for all of your help. You all make things easier for me.

Elisabeth and Cupcake were too cute trotting around the walk/trot poles division. Elisabeth looked so confident and Cupcake looked content. This was a large division and there was some tough competition. Elisabeth came home with some great ribbons.

Hallie and Mona also competed in the walk/trot poles division. This pair looked sharp reviewing many great ribbons and coming home Reserve Champion. Way to go Hallie and Mona!

Emily and Belle did great in the X-Rail division. This division was so big it was split into two groups for the flat classes. Emily does such a great job on Belle, getting her around the courses. Emily also came home with many great ribbons.

Jessica and Mona also competed in the X-Rail division. Watch out for this pair, they looked fabulous! Jessica’s roll back turns we’re immaculate giving her a second in the Equitation over fences.

Charlotte and Sunshine could not have looked better, with this pair only getting to know each other just over a week. Charlotte and Sunshine were in the X-Rail division as well and ended up winning the medal class. I can’t wait to see this team grow together.

I can’t wait until the next KMT Tri-Valley classic on October 7.

Amanda D.





Pebble Beach Classics I and II, July 2012


What an amazing couple of weeks of horse showing, trail rides, good friends and good times! Pebble Beach is so beautiful, the footing was great and our riders looked fantastic!!!

Ally Hickey and City of Light spent two weeks in Pebble…and they looked great! Starting out the first week CHAMPION in the Cross Rail Equitation…and the during the second week…CHAMPION in both Cross Rail Hunters and Eq!!! WOW! We sure will miss this fun family…Good Luck on your next adventure in Dallas Texas:-)

Abby Pratt and Mr.Bingley were on fire this week!!! WINNING all three Eq classes, they were Division CHAMPIONS! Not only that, they rocked the hunter ring, and again…CHAMPION! To top their week off, they WON the Almaden Medal out of 22 riders…loved it! Great week Abb’s…a huge congrats!!!

Sierra Hoadley and Vodka Orange made it to Pebble…yippee!!! They started out the week by WINNING BOTH Novice Eq rounds…CHAMPION! Then they rocked the equitation ring…again, WINNING two classes and CHAMPION!!! What an amazing week Sierra!!! Your hard work is paying off:-)

Alexis Cristiano and Stoneridge also had a fun two weeks getting to know each other…and wow, that horse has a big step and such a beautiful jump! These two look so nice together…with a couple SECONDS in the Children’s hunters, we had a couple of ‘getting to know you’ weeks with Lewis. Alexis, you rode great!

Lexi Pandell and Hijinx also had a very fun week flying around the jumper ring! They started out the week WINNING a class and SECOND in another…and ended the week playing for the first time in the 1.0m Jumpers…FOURTH! Yeah Lexi!!!

Emma Tyrrell and Palladium were looking good week 1, showing in good company in the Big Eq classes. They came home THIRD in the Maclay, FIFTH in the Carousel, SIXTH in the USEF and SEVENTH in the CPHA Foundation…nice! They topped the week off as the only junior to ribbon I the Hunter Derby…so fun!!! Congrats Emma!

Amanda Rael and Almost Famous looked beautiful as usual this week:-) Polly started out the week RESERVE CHAMPION in the 1st Years…nice! Then she was SECOND IN THE HUNTER DERBY! Such a good girl. Amanda played in the Low A/O’s and Eq Divisions…lots of top ribbons…very nice!!!

Emily Johnson and Tapatio WON their Hunter Classic on Sunday…yeah. They were also SECOND in their Eq class…looking good! Tio started out the week CHAMPION in the Low Hunters…such a cool boy! Tio misses you Emma:-)

Jodi Steel and Joe just kept getting better and better this last week…fun!!! They WON two classes and ended the week CHAMPION…whoop whoop!!!

Erica Dublin and Night Skye also had a fabulous week! They WON one of their Hunter classes and WON their Eq Flat…yippeee!!! They were DOUBLE RESERVE CHAMPION and SECOND in their Classic Round…so much fun!!!



























KMT Tri-Valley Classic, July 2012


It was nice to have such lovely weather again. It was a quiet morning due to the holiday weekend, but it was still great to be at Robertson Park.

Michelle and Joe were in their first show together. Joe was happy to go for a little drive and was excited to see a new venue. They rode in the 2’3 and 2’6 jumper classes. After a few rounds and getting warmed up the learning the challenging courses, Michelle and Joe came home with TWO FIRSTS and a second. Great riding Michelle!!!

I hope to see you all at the next KMT Tri-Valley Classic in Walnut Creek on Sunday September 9.

Amanda de la Rosa

Lesley, our show secretary…always working hard!

Alison…thank you for putting together such amazing shows!!!



Awesome vendors!

Super helpers after a long day…pooper scooping:-)

Woodside Horse Show, June 2012

What an awesome group of riders we have! Not only are they super riders, but they are a blast to work with. I am so proud of you all…teamwork, passion and fun make you all amazing horse people:-). We had a full week of fantastic weather, good competition and some great laughs!!!

Sierra Hoadley aboard Vodka Orange looked amazing this week! They started the week out by WINNING two to her Limit Equitation Classes…DIVISION CHAMPION! They ended the week SECOND in the Horse & Hound Medal…out of 15 riders! Congrats Sierra…a super week!!!

Abby Pratt and Mr.Bingley were also jumping to the next level! This team started out the week with a SECOND in Equitation on the Flat…out of 20 riders…busy ring! Next, they WON the LEGIS Medal…nice! Then, to top the week off…they WON one of their hunter classes and ended the week…RESERVE CHAMPION!!! Nice riding Abby!

Alexis Cristiano and Regalman looked amazing this week, as well! As we all know, Alexis loves the hunters…wand she rocked the hunter ring…RESERVE CHAMPION…and to top that off…WINNER of the Children’s Hunter Classic…yeah Alexis!!!

Emma Tyrrell and Palladium just keep getting stronger and stronger! This team looked great in the BIG EQ Ring! They got lot’s of great ribbons…4th in the Maclay…came back 2nd in the USET, but with a playful Jerry they ended 4th! Those were some big jumps and Emma is really looking solid…nice riding Emm!!!

Lexi Pandell and Hijinx were a blast to watch in jumper land! There were BLUE RIBBONS coming their way daily…ending the week CHAMPION IN BOTH THEIR DIVISIONS…WOW!!! Lexi, you rocked that ring!!!

Here are some more great pics from the week…














KMT Tri-Valley Classic, June 2012

What a great day we ALL had at Heather Farms this past Sunday! Thankfully there was lots of shade and a nice breeze to keep things cool. Of course, the day ran very smoothly, thanks to Alison, Kelly, Kate, Leslie and Amanda R. A HUGE thank you to Emma for being my assistant for the day… are the best!! Also, thank you to Sierra for schooling Mona in the morning and holding the ponies.

Elisabeth and Jewels rode in the walk/trot pile of poles division. This was Elisabeth’s first ‘away’ horse show. Despite Jewels with her horse show anxiety, Elisabeth kept her chin up and finished her day RESERVE CHAMPION!

Charlotte and Mona rode in the X rail division. Charlotte has been working hard on building a relationship with Mona. Charlotte and Mona were CHAMPION of the X rail division….way to go Charlotte!!

Neal and Sunshine rode in the 2″3 division. These two were kicking butt…..they WON ALL five of their classes…..I couldn’t have been happier for Neal and Sunshine!!! CHAMPIONS!!!

Way to go team!!!!! I love being a part of such a fun, supportive family!!

I can’t wait for the next KMT horse show!






Beach Party Horse Show, May 2012

The Beach Party was a super fun horse show, with Flamingos and Palm Trees everywhere. We had beachy weather with lots of sun and wind. On top of that, we have the most amazing BRAIDER, Vanessa Dahl…thanks for Tio’s beautiful flowers:-)

Emily Johnson and Tapatio looked super this week! Emily was RESERVE CHAMPION in the Flamingo Equitation Classic…a 3 phase class with about 24 riders…nice riding Emily!!! Emily’s other highlights were when she WON one of her hunter classes and the SECOND she received in the CCEA Medal class. They are becoming such a nice team together:-)

Olivia Hill and Hijinx spent their time speeding around the jumper ring…that little horse is fast! Olivia rode great and rode in some very large classes. On Saturday they were SECOND in one of their jumper classes and they ended the week THIRD in the $1000 Jumper Stake…whoop whoop!!!

A BIG thanks goes out to Emily for allowing me to ride the awesome Tio in the Trainers Equitation Classic. You and your assistant, Connie, make great trainers too…THANK YOU!!!

Lastly, we must not forget to thank Giovanni for always taking such great care of our horses…Giovanni rocks!!!

Check out Emily’s lovely flamingo…thanks to the creativity and Martha Stewart abilities of Amanda Rael…so pretty!