KMT Tri-Valley Classic Medal Finals: September 2013

Team KMT had an amazing show this past Sunday at the KMT Tri-Valley Classic Medal Finals. A huge THANK YOU to Lexi, Sierra and Alexis for helping me school all of the horses in the morning. It was a long day, but worth it in the end. Everyone rode great and all the horses were on their best behavior.

Jessica and Belle rode to victory in the cross rail division. This is the best I’ve ever seen them look. Coming home CHAMPION and WINNING the Cross Rail Medal Final. Finishing with a no stirrup victory gallop. Way to go Jessica!

Charlotte and Sunshine were looking sharp in the 2′ division as usual. Finishing up as RESERVE CHAMPION and a Third in the 2′ Medal Final. Great job Charlotte!

Kiera and Waffle are such a lovey pair to watch. Making all of their strides, they came home RESERVE CHAMPION in the 2’3 division and received a Fourth in the 2’3 Medal Final. Kiera and Waffle were also the Year End 2′ CHAMPIONS!!!

Elisabeth and Cupcake have been working hard together and it’s paying off. These two came home RESERVE CHAMPION in the Pile of Piles Division. Can’t wait to see these two move up to cross rails next year.

Isabel and Amour were on point at this show. They have built a great relationship and I think Amour is getting used to the Livermore facility. They looked great, coming home Division and Year End CHAMPIONS!!!

Leif and Belle went in their first pile of poles classes. Leif has the most amazing heals and two point position. These two received TWO Thirds. Way to go Leif!!

I can’t wait until next year!!! GO TEAM KMT!!!

Amanda D.

KMT Tri-Valley Classic: August 2013

Another great show yesterday. The weather was amazing, with fog in the morning and sun in the afternoon. THANK YOU Alexis, Abby and Sierra for helping me school the horses in the morning:-)

Sarah and Finn were at their first show together. They competed in the 2’6 jumpers. Finn may be a little too mellow for the jumper ring. I see him doing hunters soon. They came home with two SECONDS and a THIRD. Way to go Sarah and Finn!

Rouie and Winslow looked great jumping around the 3′ jumpers. These two are so fun to watch and boy can Winslow leave out strides…hmmm. He sure can cover ground with little effort. These two were SECOND and THIRD in the jumpers and SECOND in the CCEA 2’6 medal. Great job Rouie and Winslow!

Emily and Joe were a pair to watch in the Under Saddle and Equitation flat. Emily was FIRST in the Eq. and SECOND under saddle. Who knew Joe could be a little hunter. YAY Emily!

Isabel and Amour are building quite the relationship. Isabel is learning so much with Amour by her side. These two competed in the cross rail division coming home RESERVE CHAMPION!

Jessica and Cupcake also competed in the cross rail division. Jessica really took charge of Cupcake coming home with the CHAMPION ribbon. Nice riding Jess!

Neal and Sunshine looked dazzling in the 2’3 division. These two had many great ribbons and were only one point away from reserve champion.

Kiera and Waffle moved up to the 2’3 division at this show, proving that they are ready to move on to the next level. Kiera and Waffle were RESERVE CHAMPION and WON the CCEA 2’6 medal again.

Last, but not least…our Lead Line WINNER…Brook! She is shown above grabbing a treat for her favorite horse, LOL! So cute:-)

I look forward to the next KMT show on September 22.

Amanda D.

KMT Tri-Valley Classic: July 2013

A very successful show last Sunday for all KMT riders. Thank you to Brook for helping me throughout the day, Sierra and Alexis for schooling the horses in the morning and Abby for running around for me. You guys ALL make my day easier. All of of our riders rode fantastic and are becoming great sports -women.

Kate and Cupcake moved up from last year. Kate rode Cupcake in the pile of poles division. She is such a tough rider making Cupcake trot around all of her classes. Kate came home with some great ribbons!

Maddie and Steely were too cute trotting around the pile of poles division. Coming home with a couple of pretty ribbons!

Emily and Wilbur also debuted in the pile of poles. Wilbur was very brave, had too much fun and is now ready for the cross rail division. These pair was CHAMPION.

Ava and Lizzy looked great in the pile of poles. Lizzy was excited to be showing and thought its be a better choice to canter the course. After a jump over one of the poles, Ava got her under control and came home with a second, third and sixth…nice riding!!!

Chloe and Lizzy showed in the pile of pole as well. After getting a little lost in the first round, their second round was fabulous. Way to go Chloe!

Elisabeth and Cupcake moved up to the cross rail division. Cupcake was a little tired and lazy, but Elisabeth did such a great job at getting her around each course. They had at least one refusal in each jumping class, but I was so proud of Elisabeth for hanging in there and really showing Cupcake who the boss was!

Emily and Belle had a few challenging rides in the 2′ division. Emily was tough and handled Belle really well. I was most proud of Emily on how she handled those tough rides. Way to go Emily!

Charlotte and Sunshine were RESERVE CHAMPION in the 2′ division. These two were unstoppable and really fun to watch…congrats!

Kiera and Waffle are ready to move out of the 2′ division. They were 2′ CHAMPIONS and they also WON the CCEA 2’6 medal. Way to go Kiera and Waffle.

I look forward to the next show this Sunday, August 11.

Amanda D.

Fun times with friends!


KMT Tri-Valley Classic: April, 2013

We all had a great day at the KMT Tri-Valley Classic Schooling Show. There were a lot of great riders and some really nice horses. But it is most enjoyable to see Team KMT working so hard as a team to make this all possible. A huge THANK YOU to Sierra, Emma and Alexis for helping me throughout the day. You guys are the BEST!

Elisabeth and Cupcake have come a long way in under a year. Elisabeth was focusing so hard on her posting diagonals she kept changing it to the wrong one. Elisabeth looks stronger and more focused than ever. This pair received a FIRST, SECOND, FOURTH and a FIFTH.

Isabel and Amour had their first show together. Isabel is still getting to know Amour since owning him just under a month. He was a little excited and maybe a little nervous in the poles classes and decided to speed things up a bit and canter down the lines. Isabel remained calm and rode fantastic. She didn’t even seem nervous. She is going to be one tough rider. This pair came home with a THIRD, FIFTH and two SIXTHS.

Neal and Sunshine were unstoppable. This pair nailed every course and every flat class. They came home with two FIRSTS and three SECONDS. Making them CHAMPION of the 2′ division.

Kiera and Waffle also ride in the 2′ division. This show was Kiera’s first show as the proud new owner of waffle. Congratulations Kiera!!!! Kiera proved that when you make a mistake, if you go back in and challenge yourself you come back as a winner. Kiera WON the 2’KMT medal class. They also received two THIRDS and a FIFTH making them RESERVE CHAMPION.

CONGRATS TO ALL on a great show!!!

SAHJA Horse Show: March, 2013


A beautiful weekend to be showing in Sacramento. Alexis, Kiera and I headed out on Saturday morning to go play at our first SAHJA Horse Show. We were all impressed by the quality of show that was held at Leone’s Equestrian Center.

Alexis Cristiano and Stoneridge looked AWESOME! They WON their Under Saddle and Lewis WON one of his Hunter classes…such a great experience for him! This team is ready for the show season. Great riding Alexis!!!

Kiera Hennigan and Waffle are a new team together…and WOW…a super day they had! They came home with TWO BLUES!!! Congrats Kiera…such a great show you had:-)

ALBERT had his first show experience! He thought it was all so interesting and he really enjoyed all there was to see…wow, there was a lot!!! I was so proud of him and we look forward to learning more at Brookside!





The horse show was long and the classes were big…and our riders and horses ROCKED!!! Congrats…and off to The Brookside Premier next!!!

Skye Valley Schooling Show: March, 2013

It was an exceptionally beautiful day for the first Skye Valley schooling on March 10, 2013. Our Team KMT riders were excited and well-prepared for their 2013 debut.

Elisabeth Delpouys and Cupcake had an excellent showing in the Walk/Trot division. She had visualized her ride the night before and felt quite prepared. It must have worked because she looked amazingly confident and came home with two 2nds and two 3rds!

Our other two riders, Emily Heinrich on Belle and Keira Hennigan on Waffle, had an equally exceptional day. These girls are no stranger to the show ring, but both are stepping up their game this year. Emily has graduated to the 2′ division, and Keira, who is now leasing Waffle, is making her debut in the same, not to mention on a new horse! Both of the girls looked amazing as they executed their courses and flat classess. They were equally rewarded with 1sts, 2nds and 3rds, AND Keira went home with the CHAMPION ribbon for the division. It was very exciting considering it was Keira’s first time winning a blue ribbon, and she went home with three!

A great day for all! Congratulations girls, it was fun sharing the day with you!