2014: Fall Finale & NorCal Finals @ Brookside

It was a fun and productive two weeks in Brookside! First time Medal Finalers learned lots…hard work and patience. I’m so proud of all my riders over the past 2 weeks:-)

Aya Clear had two rides over two weeks, Steel the Crowd and Panzer. Aya has grown so much as a rider and is becoming a great horse person. Aya and Team Monty came home CHAMPION one week and RESERVE CHAMPION the next week in the Pony Hunters…AND they were RESERVE CHAMPION in the Pony Hunter Derby! Aya and Team Panzer keep growing and learning the ropes in the 3′ Ring…keep an eye on this duo!!! They received ribbons in all the Children’s Hunters and SECOND in the Onondarka…Finals, here we come! Great job Aya!!!

Kiera Hennigan and Chivas QUALIFIED for 3 Medal Finals over the 2 weeks…what an ACCOMPLISHMENT! The highlight was their FOURTH place finish in the Zone 10 Finals…nice riding! Kiera did a great job riding in her first Medal Finals. We are now prepping for Onondarka Finals…GOOD LUCK!!!

Rouie Shue and Winslow are always so much fun to watch! A great student and one that truly enjoys the process of riding…love that!!! Rouie and Team Winslow were FOURTH in the WCE, WON a 1.0m class and were SECOND & FIFTH in the Children’s Jumpers…awesome riding!!!

Last, but definitely not least…Lexi Pandell and Hijinx rocked jumper land! It’s been some time since they have roared around jumper land, but it was like they never missed a beat. This team was DOUBLE CHAMPION!!! Wow…such an amazing week Lexi!!!

Into the dark we showed…

Love it when family visits…

Hmmm…some nice prizes…

Woo Hoo!!!

A little photo art…



Love’n some DERBY action…

Thank you Ariat for my Monaco’s, shirts and breeches…

Fun times…

Nice position…

Such a great couple of weeks with a fun group of riders, family and friends! We are off to Onondarka Finals in a couple weeks…SO EXCITING!!!

Thank you all!

2014: Strides & Tides/SHP Finale

Strides 1

What a fantastic couple of weeks we had up in Sonoma!  2 weeks of fun in the sun, Championships and teamwork…loved it!!!  Let’s get on to the highlights:

Strides 14
Alexis Cristiano and Stoneridge had their debut in the Junior Hunters…it was awesome!!!  Alexis has worked very hard with this young horse and the hard work and patience has paid off.  They came home with FOUR BLUESRESERVE CHAMPION in the Junior Modified Hunters and CHAMPION in the Junior Hunters…WOW!  Great week Alexis:-)

Strides 8
Aya Clear and Panzer rocked the show too!!!  This awesome little duo looked amazing in the 11 & Under NorCal Equitation Classic…yep, CHAMPIONS!  They came home with a plethora of BLUES, REDS and YELLOWS…I couldn’t keep track!!!  Great couple of weeks Aya!

Clementine Kidson and Lola were roll’n in the BLUES in the Short Stirrups…loved it!  The also came home CHAMPION…YIPPEE!!!  Nice riding on this young pony Clem!

Strides 5
Rouie Shue and Winslow…I was so proud of you two!  Rouie rides in some a tough Children’s Jumper Division…and they looked amazing!  The highlight was a FOURTH in the $1500 Children’s Jumper Classic…loved that ride and I know you did too:-)

Strides 10
Kiera Hennigan and Chivas also had a fabulous week!  They WON the Horse & Hound Medal…heading to Medal Finals…yeah!  They were also THIRD in the NorCal Medal…qualifying for that Medal Final…going there too!  FOURTH in the NorCal Equitation Classic…and in the Junior Hunters, a BLUE, RED and YELLOW…nice riding Kiera!!!

Strides 12
Abby Pratt and L’Ondine were looking good in Sonoma!  They placed in just about every class they road in…with a rainbow of colors to bring home…nice riding!  SECONDS, THIRDS and a SEVENTH in the NorCal Equitation Classic…NICE!!!

Frances Park-Steskal and Prime Time cruised around the Cross-Rails in week 2…and yep, they finished the week out RESERVE CHAMPION…yipppeee!  Way to finish off our weeks Frances:-)

Strides 2
Kaitlyn Jenkins and Saffier had a lovely week too.  Fire was a little on the frisky side…love’n those evening classes!!!  The two did come home with some nice colors…a RED, YELLOW and a SEVENTH.  Kaitlyn, you did a great job keeping Fire’s head in the game…nice!

Zoe Marshall and No Shame had a challenging week, to say the least.  I think we spent more time going back and forth to the farrier than actually showing.  BUT, what I love about Zoe, is her great attitude…we try and try again…and if it doesn’t work…WE TRY AGAIN!  Zoe, you rock!!!

Taylor Beasley and Miss Holly had their last show together.  Taylor is ready to “Jump to the Next Level”…and we are working on that by finding the perfect horse.  Taylor had a nice show with Holly and got several ribbons in the Equitation Division….and a SIXTH in the CPHA Medal…nice riding T!

Strides 15
Gracie Hong and her little Honeymoon!  These two are so cute, but yep, I think you have outgrown your little Honey-Pie…time for a larger model, LOL!  Gracie just got better and better this week and came home with some COLORFUL RIBBONS.  Gracie…I look forward to seeing you move up!!!

Strides 3

Super star Panzer…love him!  And Aya, your pretty awesome too!

Strides 4

Love’n the Team Support!!!

Strides 16

Pony love…

Strides 13

Please trot…please trot…oh come on, TROT PLEASE!!!

Strides 9

A kid and her horse…nothing better:-)

Strides 6

I think those are tears in my eyes…so proud!

What a fantastic couple of weeks.  A BIG THANK YOU to Jillian Riese for all your help riding and coaching…you are the bomb:-)  And, thanks to all the supporters…Chris Herauf, Emily Johnson and all the parents that stand by their young riders side (or in the bleachers).  We have such a great team and I am always so proud of our riders and how they support each and everyone.

Thank you and congrats to all!!!

Team KMT

2014: Wine Country Classic

It was a super successful week had by all our KMT riders at the Wine Country Classic! It was a fun week spent with the juniors.

Kiera Hennigan and Chivas had an amazing week! Kiera rode in her first Hunter Derby…THIRD out of almost 40 riders! Kiera also WON the Onondarka…WON her PCHA…and WON one of her Modified Jr Hunter classes. Congrats Kiera…a great week!

Clementine Kidson and Lola also had a fabulous week! This team not only came home with FOUR BLUES…they were also Division RESERVE CHAMPION!!! Nice work Clem:-)

Syann Codagan and Saffier had a super week too! The BLUES kept coming…TWO BLUES in the Hunters and WINNER of the Almaden Medal!!! Awesome riding Syann!

Aya Clear and Panzer just reunited after Aya’s return from showing her pony at Lake Placid. We threw Aya into the 3′ Ring and these two worked hard together and looked great! Aya came home SECOND in the Onondarka…SECONDS and THIRDS in all their Hunters and Equitation. Congrats Aya!!!

Gracie Hong and the little Honeymoon moved up to the 2′ Short Stirrups…nice! Gracie worked very hard this week and came home with a BLUE and RED ribbon in that Division! Great job Gracie…you rock!!!

Such a great group of juniors!

Home Depot stop with my helper, Aya…

Watching the show…studying!

A proud trainer:-)

A big THANKS goes out to all the parents that came and cheered our riders on! It was a fantastic week:-)
Congrats to all!!!
Team KMT

2014: Bend, Oregon High Desert Classics

This was Team KMT’s 1st trip up to the Oregon High Desert Classics…and we all gave it 2 thumbs up!!! Not only were the show grounds full of grass and easy to get around…Bend has so much to offer! Yep, these shows will remain on our regular schedule. So, on to the highlights!!!

Alexis Cristiano and Stoneridge rocked Oregon both weeks! They were CHAMPION in their Hunter Division one week and RESERVE CHAMPION the next…and to top it off, they WON their Classic! It is always fun to watch Alexis ride….even more when schooling a leaping pony…thanks for the catch ride Jill! Great job Alexis!!!

Chris Herauf and La Pera Moon came to Oregon after a year off from showing…and yep…CHAMPION in their Equitation Division…WINNING all 3 classes!!! Not only does Chris ride, but she spent lots of time on some amazing golf courses! Congrats Chris:-)

Abby Pratt and L’Ondine also had a great couple of weeks! They came home with a BLUE, REDS and YELLOWS…and THIRD in their Classic! You and London looked beautiful together! Congrats on a successful couple of weeks!!!

Emily Johnson and Tapatio got their groove on! Emily was sporting a fancy new huntcoat…and the looked lovely:-) Emily and Tio not only WON one of their hunter rounds, but also WON an Eq round and was THIRD in the Ariat Medal. It was a great 2 weeks Em!!!

Are we there yet???

This is what happens when you don’t get to see a lot of grass!

Time to relax…

Beautiful courses!!!

And we had a visitor…thanks for cheering us on Matilda!!!

We rafted down a lazy river…

…and down a crazy river!

Team KMT friends rock!

Team KMT horses rock too!

We enjoyed beautiful sunsets…

…and time with our horses!

A well deserved drink after picking up a pretty BLUE ribbon:-)

Thank you Jillian for all your help…and to Sally for hosting the juniors house…THANK YOU!!!



A BIG thank you to Emily and Abby for letting me ride your horses in the USHJA Hunter Derby, where both made it into the Top 12…out of 49 entries. I had a blast!!!

Such an amazing couple of weeks…and I can’t wait until next year!!!
Congrats to everyone!!!

2014: Woodside Summer Classics

What a fantastic two weeks in Woodside…super weather and great riding! Here is your update:

Kiera Hennigan and Chivas had a fabulous two weeks!!! WINNER of the Onondarka and WINNER of the Hudson & Co Medal…2nd in the CPHA, 3rd PCHA and 2nd in the Cloverleaf. Great riding Kiera!!!

Rouie Shue and Winslow also had an amazing week together! This team jumped to the next Level…1.10m Children’s Jumpers…CHAMPION first time in the Grand Prix ring…LOVE IT!!!

Frances Park-Steskal and Prime Time had high-fives all around! Frances WON two classes…and ended the week CHAMPION…awesome!!!

Elizabeth Delpouys and Cupcake debuted in their first rated show…and they received a variety of ribbons…THIRD, a couple FOURTHS, SIXTH and SEVENTH out of a boatload of Cross Railers! Nice riding Elizabeth:-)

Gracie Hong and Honeymoon looked amazing and they had beautiful courses and also received some colorful ribbons, including a SECOND out of 18 riders!!! Keep up the hard work Gracie!!!

Syann Cadogen and Saffier also had a fantastic week! Syann was playing the Violin in Carnegie Hall the week before showing in Woodside and ended her week RESERVE CHAMPION in the Limit Equitation with several great ribbons in the Modified Children’s Hunters…out of 18 riders! Super week Syann!!!

Alexis Cristiano and Stoneridge are back in the show ring…yeah!!! Alexis had a busy two weeks!!! Over the two weeks, Alexis received many SECONDS, THIRDS and FOURTHS…and FOURTH in the Children’s Classic out of 15 riders! On top of that, Alexis rode Sensei in the 1.10m Children’s Jumpers…her 1st time doing jumpers…1st time in the 1.10m’s…and 1st time in the Grand Prix ring…they looked great! Congrats Alexis…a couple THIRDS and a FOURTH in the competitive Children’s Jumpers!!!

Zoe Marshall and her horse, No Shame, also had a fun week! This team got RIBBONS in all their Children’s Hunters and was SECOND and FOURTH in the Equitation. Nice week Zoe!!!

Taylor Beasley and Miss Holly’s week just got better and better!!! I have to say…Taylor gets the ‘Best Sport’ Award…you rock Taylor!!! Taylor ended her week with lots of GREAT RIBBONS in a very competitive division…nice riding Taylor!!!!

Party Hat…Baby Green CHAMPION! Good baby:-)

Lastly, welcome back Steve Colbert and Jack to the Jumper ring! You two looked great!!! AND thanks to Karen for making her most amazing chocolate cake…yummy:-)

Bows bows everywhere…

Boot Polish training…

Pony time is fun time…


We never forget Pizza Chicago…

Winner of ‘Best Mane’…

Winner 1st time riding in the 1.10m’s!

FINALLY, a horse that makes my butt look small!!!


Fun times all around! What a great group of riders and horses! And lastly, thanks to Jillian Reise for her assistance and to all the parents for their continued support.
Team KMT

2014: Beach Party Horse Show

I love horse shows when it feels like all the riders are moving forward! Even though the weather was hot…we had a fantastic time!!! Here is your update…

Aya Clear and Panzer had an awesome week! This team has stepped into the 3′ ring with flair! They were RESERVE CHAMPION in the Modified Child Hunters AND in the Children’s Hunters. And, to top off their week…they came home SECOND in the Onondarka Medal…QUALIFIED FOR FINALS! Great week Aya!!!

Kaitlyn Jenkins and Saffier also had a fabulous show!!! Kaitlyn has been working so hard and it’s paying off…SECOND in the Flamingo 3-phase Equitation Classic out of 28 riders! Kaitlyn also rode in a tough hunter division getting ribbons out of 25 riders…along with a SECOND in the Eq Flat. A super week Kaitlyn…I’m so proud of you!!!

Matilda Hallowell and Barneta also had a great week! This was Matilda’s 1st show in awhile…and she looked beautiful:-) This team was RESERVE CHAMPION in the CWD Eq Championship…awesome! On top of that, they were SEVENTH in the 3-phase Flamingo Classic! Matilda…great riding and sportsmanship:-)

Zoe Marshall and Shamus were looking good this week as well! They both got GREAT RIBBONS in just about every class…very consistent! Nice riding Zoe!!!

Emily Johnson and Tapatio represented our amateur side of the team…and they looked awesome this week. I have to send out a huge thanks to Erika Carlson, our barn sports psychologist…Emily was focused and ‘in the ring’ the whole week! One of my favorite rides of the week was so fun to watch…a WINNER…IF, we jumped the right first jump:-) Emily got great ribbons and her hard work is paying off!!! A fun week Emily:-)

Thanks Vanessa for the amazing braids!!!

Staying cool…

Nice loot!


BFF’s forever!

Hard work DOES pay off:-)

Onondarka here we come…whoop whoop!!!

Awesome week Team KMT!!!!

2014: Woodside Spring Classic

Woodside turned out to be quite a busy and successful week! Luckily, the weather cooled off for the weekend and both horses and riders appreciated that. On to your update…

Kaitlyn Jenkins and Saffier had a fabulous week! They started the week RESERVE CHAMPION in the Low Child Equitation and ended the week CHAMPION in the Low Child Hunters…then topped it off with a THIRD in the Carousel Hunter Derby! What a week…congrats Kaitlyn!!!

Taylor Beasley and Miss Holly also had a super week at their 1st rated show on her new horse! They started the week out in the Eq Flat…SECOND & THIRD! And ended the week WINNING a Long Stirrup class and getting a RESERVE CHAMPION ribbon! Love it!!!

Emily Johnson and Tapatio also stepped into the ring with a bang…WINNING the LEGIS Medal Class and also coming home RESERVE CHAMPION in the AA Equitation Division!!! Great work Emm:-)

Kiera Hennigan and her very new horse Chivas had a getting to know you week…looking awesome! SECOND in the Onondarka Medal and SECOND in the CPHA Medal out of 19 riders! A great week Kiera!!!

Abby Pratt also riding a new horse, L’Ondine also spent time getting to know each other…LOVE this team! They got great ribbons in all their hunters and a SECOND in the Horse & Hound Medal class out of a big group! You two are perfect together:-)

Aya Clear and her lovely horse Panzer are learning the ropes in the 3′ ring…they have really come so far…doing 2′ just 6 months ago! Aya’s hard work is really paying off…WINNING her Age Eq…and getting ribbons in all her Hunter and Eq Classes. Ending the week SEVENTH in the Children’s Hunter Classic out of 18 horses! Nice riding Aya!!!

Gracie Hong and her adorable pony, Honeymoon, are so fun to watch! They are learning the horse show routines and rock’n the Crossrails! They received a variety of colored ribbons in a HUGE division that ran until 7pm…what troopers!!! Congrats Gracie!!!

Frances Park-Steskal is also riding her new pony, Prime Time…and they just got better and better! They also marched around the competitive Crossrails Division and came home with multiple pretty ribbons…looking good Frances!!!

Sarah Levi and her sweet horse, Finn Again, looked amazing down in Jumper land! This team rocked the .90 Jumpers…SECOND in a big class and ribbons in many others! You two sure turn it on at the horse shows!!!

Mika Clear and Panzer also worked hard in the Walk/Trot Division…getting ribbons in all her classes…BIG classes I must say…and Mika did a great job navigating!!! Yeah Mika:-)

Aya’s fan club

Always lots of hugs going around!

A little rest on a hot day

Cuteness award!

Course study!

That’s a lotta loot!


2014: Rancho Murieta Spectacular

It was a fantastic week for all of our KMT riders up at Rancho Murieta. We had a nice small group and had lots of time to practice, enjoy the great weather and watch some fun classes!

Kiera Hennigan and Waffle had their last show together and they went out with a BANG! WINNER of the Onondarka and now qualified for Finals, they were also CHAMPION in the Low Child/AA Division. It has been a great year and I look forward to seeing you on your lovely new horse, Denny!

Aya Clear and Panzer also had a fabulous show! This was their first show doing the 3′ Divisions…and they were CHAMPION in the Children’s hunters…great riding! Aya also rode in the Onondarka, her 1st big medal…made it into the work-off and ended 4th. Nice riding Aya!!!

Rouie Shue and Winslow…I was so proud of this team! They have worked so hard this winter together and the hard work is paying off! We started the week with a goal of having controlled and smooth rounds…it was a success. This was Rouie’s 1st show in the 1.0m Jumpers and it looked beautiful! We added a little ‘controlled’ speed and turns later in the week coming home with a SECOND and THIRD! These were big classes and it was a pleasure to watch them go! Great job Rouie!!!

Last, but definitely not least…Mika Clear and Panzer ROCKED the Walk/Trot Division…adorable! Mika navigated an obstacle course…WINNER! And they were FIRST and SECOND in their other flats…looked AWESOME!!!

Thanks for all your help Jillian (yes, we build too!)

Hello Panzer…looking good!

Funny…people only seems to take pics of me from the back…hmmmm

A little jumper time with the Waffanator!

‘Do you see what I see?’

Very pretty!

Yes, we can be silly!

Waffle…time to teach your next student:-)


Murieta Autumn Classic: November 2013

We all had such a fabulous week up at Rancho Murieta! Our ponies were perfect and the schedules went smoothly. It happened to be my Birthday weekend and my most awesome clients took me to my favorite sushi restraunt…THANK YOU!!!

Aya Clear and Penny had a fantastic show…WINNING her Eq Flat and RESERVE CHAMPION in her Division! This team has been working hard and it is paying off! Nice riding Aya!!!

Gracie Hong and Honeymoon had their first rated show debut this last week and I was impressed! Gracie has an amazing Game Face and such a great attitude. Honey was super and they both came home with lots of YELLOWS and WHITES. Congrats Gracie!!!

Aya Clear and Mr.Cool aka Panzer had a fabulous show too! They came home with handfuls of RED ribbons! Great week Aya!!!

Lots of yummy grazing!

A super yummy night of sushi…THANK YOU!!!

Gracie’s cheering team

We all know the question of the day!

Even the bathrooms were inspiring:-)

Good times were had by all! A great finish to 2013…and ON TO NEXT YEAR!!!

SVT Schooling Show: October 2013

What a frightfully blustery day it was at the SVT Halloween show. I was half expecting to see Heffalumps and Woozles go flying by, and Brrrrr!!!! Did the Abominable Snow Monster make an appearance, because it sure felt like we were dropped up at the North Pole that day. Despite having the odd number of riders showing, lucky “13”, Team KMT made a tremendous showing at the final schooling show of the season!

Gracie Hong and Honeymoon made their debut in the show ring doing the W/T Poles Division. An excellent day for them both, they came home CHAMPION!

Leif Tueber and Chloe Pedina, both sharing Cupcake, made wonderful strides forward in the W/T Poles Division. They remembered their courses and showed great independence, AND came home with some great ribbons!

The Crossrail Division boasted six KMT riders. Wow! Lacey Cooke also made her debut into the show ring riding Joe and she looked fabulous. All the hard work in her lessons really paid off. Each course was better and better!

Nell Cook showed for the first time on Pepper and the pair looked amazing. Again, their hard work in lessons is really showing through, even WINNING a class!

Alexa Cango rode to victory and came away with her first BLUE ribbon this time out. Yeah!

Isabel Lopes rode Amour with confidence, Catie Carlson looked calm and cool on Belle and Aya Clear settled a slightly-fresh Penny beautifully. Ribbons were had by all! Congratulations riders!

The BIG EXCITEMENT of the day was the Costume Class. What could be more fun than decorating yourself AND your horse. There were so many fantastically fun costumes this year, everyone showed such great creativity!

Kiera Hennigan started the day off and came home with too many BLUES to count…nice riding!

Aya Clear also started her day off early in the Main Hunter ring. Aya is riding great! I was most impressed with her focus on all the things we have been working on…love that!

Rouie Shue Thibodeau finished up the day with the 3’0 jumpers looking poised and polished. This team makes me (Kelly) proud as they now work together in control…’smooth and steady!’ Awesome!!!

Here are some fun pics…